Telemarketing - 360 Sales Solutions Provides In-House Telemarketing Facilities

Building trust between organisations is essential. All you need is an agile and well-educated telemarketing team which can deliver clear, truthful and positive results.

An extension of your prior team and sales divisions.

Our prime motto is to provide dedicated in-house telemarketing facility to all companies. We strive to bring pre-qualified leads for you in order to fix appointments with the leading decision makers and budget holders.

Our team is highly motivated and skilled. Our management team has a good experience that understands your needs and try to cater them. Whatever your business needs is, just pair them with our team of full-time telemarketers who understands sales and buying needs of a company. Our prime focus is get precise results for our clients to maximise their Return on Investment.

We always mentor and train our sales team so that they can deliver the best that they can….

To provide you the best, we first understand your organisation and your goals. Whether you want to fix an appointment or you want to interview personally, we provide a complete flexible approach, we work with the professionals from your organisation to discuss on long term strategic projects and company’s goals. We can also tailor shorter term projects as per your needs.

Although we work in an unscripted way, we too understand some clause have to design as per business needs. We work just the way you want keeping your company’s rules and our ethos of Appointment setting in-line. We work with various data sources that work and swiftly thereby ensuring promptness of regular reporting.

We manage your B2B Telemarketing (business to business) or B2C Telemarketing (Business to Customer) in an open, honest, transparent and fully compliant manner. We love having feedback’s from our client as well as general people to constantly use it for our improvement. Suggestions, which improves our performance, are always taken in a positive manner. Build to provide telemarketing service to our customers, and we always look for ways deliver best things for your business on the phone. We are pleased to share our knowledge and always look for feedback from you.

Improvement, working together and dedication is essential to reach goals…

We work as per your need. We can also use your CRM systems or can import your data to our systems easily. We are completely flexible and can extract and import data to other modern CRM applications.

We are capable of recording all agreed information provided in the system. If required, we can also record all calls to log them to each client.

We also work on lead generation to help you boost your sales.

  • Lead generation, Web registrations, presentation, Live chat, On-demand sales and sales events are some of the things we can easily do.

We are a UK based business And have offices in London and Glasgow as well. Contact us! We will be pleased to discuss your national and international trade requirements.