Sales Campaign - 360 Sales Solutions Offers Planned Strategies

A sales campaign is a planned sales strategy, which effectively makes use of one or more channels to fulfil customer’s needs. Most sales campaigns run for a limited time only; they put a time limit on them, so as to always keep their salespeople and customers motivated to boost sales.

Before scheduling a campaign, we take some to think whom you want to target and what are your goals. We believe that you already have a diverse customer base, but if you haven’t identified yet, ask your customers’ needs and what they expect from my products.

You’ll get different answers for each segment. Use them and create a  tailored content that completely resonates with your targeted audience.

Think what you want to achieve?

  • Do you just want to increase your sales and traffic?
  • Or you just trying to clear slow-moving inventory?
  • Are you also interested in strengthening your lead base? (If so, you’ll have a need to integrate emails and your customer’s information in your campaign.)

Sales campaigns often revolve around holidays and events like back-to-school season, Christmas month, Summer vacation, and Autumn leaves or Winter, and the end of financial year. You can also offer flash- sales or special offers to reward customers on the more personalised basis. However, if you aren’t sure how to start, you can find your competitors and analyse them. You can also check:

  • Whether I am overlapping the similar campaign?
  • How can I differentiate myself with competitors?
  • How does their campaign visually look like?
  •  If there’s any need to ponder upon the budget and resources I have.
  • How can I interact with my customers?
  • How much additional resource do I need?
  • What are the key skills that my staff need to make a campaign successful

Once you’ve decided whom you want to target and when you want to launch your campaign, start making a plan. If you want a time sensitive, seasonal or calendar specific campaign, get yourself engage with 360 Sales Solutions. With us, don’t wait for February to promote your Valentine’s Day campaign. Just pen down:

  • What incentive do you want to offer your customers?
  • How often will you communicate with them over the length of promotion?
  • What are your skills and resource gaps?

To maximise the impact of your promotion, think how you’re going to promote it on various communication channels. Also, consider how you can, build a strong sales campaign website, email, social media, traditional media, lead generation telesales, and direct sales. You can also roll out your campaign at different platforms, like social media, and can and target other platforms giving your customers a highly-perishable discount. You can provide different offers, which gives a sense of urgency and compel customers to respond your calls. Consistency is the key that gives reliability and credibility, which can impact on how your customers see their brand in the long run.

Use analytic tools to gather data about how your campaign has performed at different customer segments. Consider the results of each campaign and make your future campaigns stronger. 360 sales solutions can help you analyse the data at different levels and stages. The only way you can find out what’s working is to gather the data and compare the impact of changes you had made. Also, make sure to set a particular timeframe for your promotions, to help you to evaluate your tracked data.