Lead generation - Generate Leads and Direct B2B Sales On Demand

Having a sales team can be very profitable for a company. However, lots of business have peaks and troughs or a new geography or product launch that they need help in fulfilling the sales cycle.

Imagine being able to tap into highly skilled and talented sales resources “On Demand” Dedicated Senior Sales people are hard to find at the best of times. But trying to hire competent sales superstars for short-term engagements and near on impossible!

I have seen this issue in most organisations; they can’t justify sales staff for a few months per year, even though they may be losing £€$0000’s in revenue. So how do you address the balance? It has always been the burning questions. Keep the company financials balanced, the sales teams stocked and your order books full. Well, this is where we can help!

Our team of highly skilled sales staff are on hand to be an extension of your workforce. The sales team come from a variety of backgrounds and have the skills and experience to fill in short-term gaps. Building trust between organisations is key. What you need is an agile well-educated telemarketing team to be able to deliver honest, truthful and positive results.

An extension of your organisation and sales divisions!

You may need staff at a new location, maybe you have just uncovered a new sales geography, and you want to test the water first, this is where we can help. We can supply high-quality sales individuals on an “ad-hoc” basis to fill that need without having to employ a new member of staff or even getting approval for the additional headcount.

We always mentor and train our sales team so that they can be the best that they can….
We are a 100% UK based and operated organisation. We have offices in London and Glasgow.
We will be delighted to discuss your national and international business requirements!