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What we do

360 Sales Solutions provide an outsourced sales team for your organization that could be an extension of your company, it’s ethos, standing, and stature.

We  strive to deliver class leading sales, and lead generation services to organizations of all sizes, be it an extension of your existing team, testing a new area, product or geography or to simply boost the  sales pipeline.

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Why we do it

We have a passion for business. Empowering growth and helping deliver and contribute to your company’s success through our assistance is our prime objective. We are ethical in everything we do.

We know that in this fast evolving world, being able to strike the deal when there is demand in the market is a key business driver. Being able to flick that sales switch can be a challenge….. we are here to help you. With us, never miss a short term opportunity, let us help you turn on a new sales channel.

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Why choose us

We deliver class leading sales solutions on time and exceeding expectations. We aim to excel at everything we do. We continuously work to provide outstanding service. Delivered in a way that compliments your sales model to  industry leading organisations.

With our team’s efforts and hard work, we have successfully built a solid business reputation in the market. If you need an extension of your business, contact us. We are always ready to help you reach your goals.

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Lead Generation - Productive, Ethical and Honest

Your organisation needs an agile and well-educated sales team. 360 Sales Solutions can deliver clear, truthful, positive results.

An extension of your teams and sales divisions.

We can help deliver an end to end sales solution tailored to your specific company requirements for as long as you need it, when you need it.

Our team is highly motivated and skilled. Our management team has great experience in understanding business sales processes and how to give you that advantage in the sales arena.


Appointment Setting - Agile oriented team extension


Your organisation needs an agile and well-educated telemarketing / appointment setting team which can deliver clear, truthful and positive results.

An extension of your team and sales divisions.

Our driven team provide provide your organisation with dedicated in-house telemarketing  appointment setting facility. We strive to deliver high quality qualified appointments with the leading decision makers and budget holders.

Our team is highly motivated and skilled. Our management team many years experience. We spend the time to fully understand what you needs and requirements. We then build a tailored sales experience that compliments what your existing sales organisation already does well and look to help in your sales cycle. Our prime focus is get precise results for our clients to maximise your return on investment.

Productive, Ethical and Honest Telemarketing

Building trust between organisations is essential. You need and educated,  agile and driven sales team which can deliver clear, truthful and positive results.

An extension of your prior team and sales divisions.

Our prime motto is to provide dedicated in-house telemarketing facility to all companies. We strive to bring pre-qualified leads for you in order to fix appointments with the leading decision makers and budget holders.

Our team is highly motivated and skilled. Our management team has a good experience that understands your needs and try to cater them. Whatever your business needs is, just pair them with our team of full-time telemarketers who understands sales and buying needs of a company. Our prime focus is get precise results for our clients to maximise their Return on Investment.


Direct B2B Productive Sales On Demand


Having an experienced sales team in a company can be very profitable. Today, many businesses need a good an experienced team that can take care of their new products or can provide new geography to boost sales.

It’s quite beneficial for a company to being able to tap into highly skilled and talented sales resources. Which increase the value of  “on demand” dedicated senior sales people. Although they are hard to find.  Our company can help you do the job.

Lack of skilled people can be seen in most organisations; they can’t justify sales demand and end up losing £€$0000 in revenue. So how one can address this loss? For years, it has been a burning question. However, with us you can keep the company financials offset, the sales teams stocked and your order books full.

Sales Campaigns

A sales campaign is a planned sales strategy that uses one or more channels to reach leads to convert them into customer’ s demands. Although most sales campaigns run for limited time only, you can limit them by putting the time limit on it. It will further help salespeople and prospects to boost their company’s sales.

Before you start scheduling a campaign stop and take some time to ponder to whom you are targeting and what are your goals you might be having a good a diverse customer base, so it becomes important to identify different segments and ask: your customer’s needs and expectations from a particular product. What are my customers’ needs?
Nevertheless, you will hear different answers for each segment. But don’t forget to use them to create a tailored content to attract your target audience.


What makes 360 Sales Solutions different?

We want to stand apart from everyone in the field. How we deal our clients, and how we look after our workforce. We understand customer’s needs, and try to cater them.

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR),  is a practice of managing social, environmental and economic growth. This is something that is core to our business. It’s the most important thing we do! It involves looking beyond profits and making money by focusing on how we as company can come forward to help society and the environment.

What we do

  • We treat employee and client the way we expect to be treated.
  •  Always pay more than the living wage to every employee in our company.
  • Reward employees for the work they do.
  • We also give dedicated employees extra rewards from the profit that the company earns annually.
  • We are philanthropists and believe in helping those in need. We will work with one or more charities and foundations by donating time as well as funds.
  • We are Honest, Ethical and Productive.

If this sounds like the type of company you want to be associated with, come and speak to us today.